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My name is Ramón Ignacio SOBERÓN GÓMEZ-PALACIO. I was born in a small town in the Liébana Valley in Cantabria, Spain called San Pelayo, surrounded by the Picos de Europa.

I currently live and work in Viterbo (Italy).

My visual imagination was very strong even in my childhood. From the beginning my very personal style slowly crystallized. This style was also influenced by my early contacts in the Santander art world.

In 2010 I made the most important decision in my life and dedicated myself exclusively to my art with full passion.

My style is completely self-taught and the product of a unique process that originated in my childhood.

My numerous exhibitions have been in Valencia, Catalonia, the Basque Country (Spain); in Andorra; in Rome and in Viterbo (in Italy). There are also numerous works by me in various private collections. From Spain to Andorra to Italy, to Russia, Macedonia, Ireland, Slovakia ...

The main characteristic of my painting is the absolute focus on the detail. The chromatic conception of small universes in which everything merges in perfect harmony. In short, harmonious compositions that are very elaborate and express a feeling of relaxing complexity, while at the same time suggesting an inner search in which new details can be discovered in constant development.

My works are not about static work, about simple views, but about very complex creations that consist of a multitude of characters and appearances. These are in turn projected into us and this fills our life with energy.


• Website: Artista Contemporaneo | Ramon Soberon artista (

• Facebook: Ramón Soberón Gómez-Palacio | Facebook

• Instagram: Ramón Soberón Gómez-Palacio (@artsoberon) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

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